Our services are
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Saving you time and capital

Working with Ascent will open your eyes to more deals – via our expert analysis that garners first-class insights.

Reliable, cost efficient and always at your service - we will free up time, resources and enable you to focus completely on fee earning.

  • M&A Research-as-a-Service

    Our service is purposefully designed to support clients around the clock. We cover all areas of M&A Research - screening potential trade & financial buyers, precedent transactions analysis, quoted comparable company analysis and much more.

  • M&A Deal Origination

    Inorganic growth can often be the fastest way to scale, but finding attainable acquisition targets takes time. We identify, screen and contact companies globally, enabling clients to explore more deal opportunities.

  • Business Support Services

    Grow your professional services operation by outsourcing back office projects and processes, cost effectively.

What services do you provide?

We provide a list of core services, but we also work around our clients’ needs to design and deliver tailor-made support.

Via our Research-as-a-Service offering, we provide:

  • Potential Buyers Prospecting (International & Domestic)
  • Key Decision Maker Identification (including contact details)
  • Shareholders Analysis
  • Company Valuations – Precedent Transactions Analysis and Quoted Comparable Company Analysis
  • Industry Market Research
  • Information Memorandum Support
  • Pitch Support
  • Other Business Development Support
  • Financial Modelling

Our deal origination services are dedicated to increasing on-market and off-market deal flow for private equity firms.

How is your service cost effective?

The M&A industry is project-based which translates to uneven revenues.

Our entire business model has been built with this fact in mind, resulting in a service that mirrors the busy and quieter times of our clients. Both our ‘Pay as you go’ and ‘Subscription’ options give our clients analysts at their fingertips but without the need for a full-time salary.

What types of advisors do you work with?

Our clients are typically M&A advisors which include corporate finance firms, investment banks, and independent advisors who advise on sell-side and buy-side transactions from $1m to $50m in enterprise value.

Some of our clients have in-house analysts; however, they often need additional support during busier periods. Most of our clients use Ascent as their sole provider of M&A research and deal support.

How do you deliver work to your clients?

All of our clients request new projects online via their own unique links. These unique project submission links can be shared with anyone in your team to empower them with additional resources.

Once a new project is submitted it is automatically scheduled into our bespoke workflow management system, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Sometimes we schedule a call before starting a new project to finalise deliverables; however, we can often begin the project immediately, resulting in highly efficient turnaround times.

Where are your clients located?

Our clients are based in the United Kingdom, mainland Europe and as far as Australia.

Our data access enables us to serve clients across the globe.

What databases do you subscribe to?

Databases are our second biggest investment to our people. Annually, we spend in excess of  $40,000 on data and software to deliver our services.

Our databases include international company & M&A databases used by investment banks, enabling us to identify potential trade and financial buyers and targets globally.

Our domestic company databases give us the extra detail required which larger (more expensive databases) don’t often have. In addition to company and M&A databases, we use tools and software to help us find key shareholders and their contact details.

We also subscribe to market research databases that give us key industry insights and data.

We are constantly reviewing new data sources and tools to ensure we have the best in the market.

When was Ascent founded?

Ascent M&A Consulting was founded in 2015 by Jack Telford.

Jack has 13 years of experience in the Mergers and Acquisitions industry. Before setting up Ascent he worked at Catalyst Corporate Finance (now the UK office of Alantra).

How do you ensure confidentiality?

As experienced M&A professionals, we have been fortunate enough to work with many buyers, sellers and investors around the world. One thing that unites them all is that maintaining confidentiality is an absolute must at all times.

At Ascent, we adhere to a strict confidentiality policy to protect our client’s relationships and proprietary data.

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