Reliable Research

Undertaking deep M&A research requires analytically minded individuals with access to global business intelligence and M&A databases. That is Ascent. We combine analysts with the best data to lighten the research workload for our clients enabling them to focus on delivering the deal and winning new work.

Answering the key questions

Who are the key players and most strategic buyers?

Who are the key decision-makers?

Which private equity firms are invested in the sector?

What do precedent transactions tell us about sector valuations?

Should we consider approaching overseas buyers?

What we do

  • Prospective Buyer Research (International & Domestic)
  • Key Decision-Maker Identification (and gathering contact details)
  • Precedent Transactions Analysis
  • Quoted Comparable Company Analysis
  • Industry Research
  • Information Memorandum Support
  • Financial Modelling
  • Business Development and Pitch Support


Our on demand, Research-as-a-Service gives clients a flexible extension of their core team, and for many firms, Ascent is their research team. We’re accessible 24/7 but our fees are charged to the hour, resulting in a cost-effective and highly efficient offering.

Our tech-enabled, operational setup means that we can promptly turnaround projects, often vital to project success or winning a new client within the fast-paced M&A environment.

No job is too big or small for Ascent. Whether it is producing a list of 150+ vetted potential buyers across the world, finding key shareholders at one private company or industry market research, we dig deep into every project and produce data that drives results.


From Pitch support to post-deal marketing

How we enabled an M&A firm to increase pitch attendance by 100% and their pitch win rate by 33%.

We were approached by the office of an experienced independent M&A advisor who had an excellent track record of executing transactions from £10m to £30m in enterprise value. Due to an increasingly competitive lower mid-market, they were forced to pitch for more work but didn’t have the internal resources to prepare, often at short notice.

They approached Ascent to see how we could help solve their business challenge. We partnered up, initially on ‘Pay-as-you-go’. Our research included identifying key acquirers domestically and internationally, highlighting key transactions and serial acquirers, providing valuations via precedent transactions and quoted comparable company analysis, and industry market research. Our research and analysis freed up time for their team to focus on preparing less time-intensive yet crucial elements such as the fee proposal and case studies.

Today our client subscribes to Research-as-a-Service. They have been able to attend on average one pitch every month – a 100% increase – and their pitch win rate has grown significantly – by 33%. We now also assist with the delivery of sell-side projects and post-deal marketing.

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